What is chiropractic?

The definition of chiropractic that I use in my practice is this: chiropractic is the science that allows the body to heal itself by removing nerve interference so that the body can function properly. A chiropractor detects and corrects subluxations. A subluxation is a vertebrae that is stuck and not moving in it’ s proper and full range of motion. A chiropractor detects subluxations by hand while also gathering information about the spine by performing orthopedic and neurological evaluations and when necessary by analyzing x-rays or MRI’s.

spineIn our office, when a person comes in initially with a complaint, we perform a very comprehensive evaluation of the patient, review it with them and provide them with a care plan. The care plan may include adjusting the spine, soft tissue mobilization, rehabilitation of the spine by showing them specific stretches and strengthening exercises and ways to avoid stresses in their lives that could be contributing to their spinal issues. The patient is given home care instructions and what to expect in terms of progress in the initial phases of care. Most people go to a chiropractic office with a complaint of pain or stiffness. The first goal in our care plan includes diminishing pain, increasing flexibility in the joints and muscles and decreasing inflammation. Simply put, we want you to feel better quickly and with simple joint dysfunction most patients do. With more complicated issues that involve neurogenic or arthritic conditions, recovery may take longer. Initially a patient may even notice some important but subtle findings such as getting a better nights sleep, increased energy, and better range of motion in the area that was stiff or restricted.

The next phase of care is rehabilitation of the area of complaint. When our patients reach their goal of 50% reduction in their symptoms, we show them how to stretch and strengthen that area. This will allow the supporting muscles and ligaments to be stronger in that area and more flexible.

Some patients may wish to get periodic checkups. While this is encouraged to maintain the flexibility of the spine, maintain proper posture, optimize the functioning and efficiency of the nervous system or just to feel great, it is optional and not covered by insurance.

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