My Purple Paradise


Every few years I get inspired by a certain color. Lately it has been purple and even more specifically, lavender. This color was inspired by my new purple hula hoop that my friend Chelsea made for me a few weeks ago. The color of my new hoop is so mesmerizing and uplifting. Then it came to me, I simply must paint my adjustment room lavender. My adjustment room is very special to me. It is a place of healing and of contentment and joy for me and so I had to adorn it in my new favorite color. I searched the internet for the meaning behind the color purple. It signifies royalty, luxury, and ambition. It is the color associated with the crown chakra and therefore it is healing, spiritual, and mystical. I also read, that if you are attracted to purple it means that you are compassionate and supportive of others and that you are a free spirit. I felt the connotation of the color was perfect for me and there you have it – my new purple paradise.