Just Some of my Healthy Tips

Don’t wear antiperspirant, instead use deodorant only.
Don’t store food in plastic containers, instead buy glassware and never microwave in plastic.
Try to buy natural fiber clothing: cotton, wool, suede and leather.
Too much corn and wheat will make you gain weight.
Buy only organic corn and corn products. Organic corn is usually non GMO, but if it says 100% organic it is completely GMO-free.
Drink enough water throughout the day so that your urine is always straw colored.
Don’t buy bacon or hotdogs with nitrites or nitrates.
Buy a sunrise alarm clock.
Shop the periphery of a supermarket. These foods are produce, meat and dairy. The middle of the store is packaged and canned products.
When you or a family member is sick, do things to enhance their immune system: chiropractic, rest, natural supplements and love.
Get plenty of fiber daily. You should have a bowel movement that is banana shaped daily.
Try to fall asleep within the same hour each night. A restful sleep is healthy and also promotes weight loss.
If you can’t pronounce an ingredient it is probably not from nature.
Use olive oil or coconut oil instead of butter whenever possible.
Use Himalayan sea salt rather than regular salt.
Don’t cook with Teflon pans.
Buy organic when possible.
Do not consume any artificial sweeteners. They are neurotoxins.
Avoid condiments and sauces that contain high fructose corn syrup.
Avoid sugar whenever possible. Sugar and simple carbohydrates are linked to cardiovascular disease. If you totally avoid sugar, you will get used to not having it and you will not crave it.
Make sure your home is humidified 40%-50% and not less than 30%.
Make sure your home does not contain mold or mildew.
Avoid soft drinks and sports drinks.
Commune with nature daily.
Find time to be peaceful, grateful or meditative.
Smile and laugh as much as possible and always surround yourself with positive people.
Cardiovascular exercise for a minimum of 3 days per week. Strength train in between.
Find a hobby or two that you enjoy.
Tell your friends and family you love them.