Can I adjust my own spine?

spineI certainly would not recommend it. Leave this to a professional chiropractor. We know just where and how to adjust each area of the spine. In chiropractic school I was taught that when people self adjust they are most often times adjusting the wrong segment. For example lets say that the T4 vertebra is subluxated or restricted. This means that T 4 is stuck and not moving in its proper and full range of motion. According to the laws of biomechanics that means that the vertebra directly above T4 which is T3 is moving excessively to make up for the lack of range of motion at T4. When someone self adjusts they are actually moving the very mobile T3 which reinforces the fixation or restriction at T4.

People often ask me if the wrong segment is moved by self adjusting why then do I feel good and have relief? The answer is that when you cavitate or pop any joint in your body endorphins are released which are “feel good” hormones. These hormones are very temporary. This person has the feeling that they need to constantly self adjust because the problem at T4 still exists. Also, constant and continual self adjusting becomes a bad habit and makes the supporting ligaments of the spine too lax and now the spine is not as supported or protected.

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